Important information for Students
You must register for the qualified module through bidding on the CORS system during the registration period.
1. The pre-requisite for the modules will be waived for you. Please wait some time for the administration to waive the pre-requisite.
2. The result of the placement test is valid for two successive semesters only, after which students have to meet the French language staff to determine whether they need to take the placement test again.
Qualified for LAF1201 (FRENCH 1)

Zhou Xizhang Michael

Lim Jing Wei

Lim Zhen Ju


Qualified for LAF2201 (FRENCH 2)

Lionel Kuek Xian Yang
Lu Xiaoqi

Neo Yuan Khai

Qualified for LAF3201 (FRENCH 3)

Wong Win Lee Edwin
Elisha Lee Jian Xin

Png Jun Qiang Karl

Teo Renting

Qualified for LAF3202 (FRENCH 4)
Kimura Yuta
Jong Ching Yee
Tan Li Fang

Qualified for LAF4201 (FRENCH 5)
*NOTE: This module is only offered in Semester 1 of each academic year.
Tuleen Tareq Mohammed Ashour
Sokolowska Katarzyna
Iliya Georgiev Kurkev
Wesley Mark Lincoln
Chiam Bi Xu Michelle
Ian Lim Seng Lye
Qualified for LAF4202 (FRENCH 6)

*NOTE: This module is only offered in Semester 2 of each academic year.

Madusudhhanan Manasa
Students who cannot be placed

*NOTE: These students have acquired advanced levels of French which do not correspond to any module at the CLS. 

Ankita Bhattacharya
Ashwin Kumar Raviraj
Sneha Sanil
Laurianne Tay Li En
Ayodya Indeerar Rathnayaka
Anne Kathrin Geschke



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