Important information for Students
You must register for the qualified module through bidding on the CORS system during the registration period.
1. The pre-requisite for the modules will be waived for you. Please wait some time for the administration to waive the pre-requisite.
2. The result of the placement test is valid for two successive semesters only, after which students have to meet the French language staff to determine whether they need to take the placement test again.
Qualified for LAF1201 (FRENCH 1)

Chua Man Qin

Lee Jia Yi

Lim Hui Min Sophie

Listya Nuansa Putri

Liu Haonan

Ng Jun Sheng

Siew Zhi Wei Kelvin

Qualified for LAF2201 (FRENCH 2)

Lucinda Smith

Rathina Sabapathi A D

Chue Bing Hao Edwin

Law Xue En Rachel

Liang Tian

Nadiah Afiqah Bte Ismail

Yap Xin

Qualified for LAF3201 (FRENCH 3)

Balanagu Satya Samhita

Darren Chan

Felyncia Ng

Julian Chris Lopez

Loo Zhenxi

Naomi Grace Ito

Nicole Teo

Devayani Prabakran

Pryanga Prabakran

Raymond Laures

Willy Sumekar

Zhang Zhao

Vashita Nath

Tan Jillian Joyce Ong

Qualified for LAF3202 (FRENCH 4)

Liew Hai Xiang

Valerie Goh

Abdul Rahman Himesh

Liu Shaohua

Wong Ju Yu Joey

Qualified for LAF4201 (FRENCH 5)
Do Ngoc Duc
Ekaterina Nefedovich
Kjell Nicolas Ahrens
Tow Ying Xiang
Aminah Nuraddina Baagil
Aparajita Hariharan
Rao Pranathi Mahesh
Marten Diederik Martendam
Qualified for LAF4202 (FRENCH 6)

*NOTE: This module is only offered in Semester 2 of each academic year.

Neo Siao Eng Kym
Ng Jing Yi
Wu Zhenan
Students who cannot be placed

*NOTE: These students have acquired advanced levels of French which do not correspond to any module at the CLS. 

Cheng Wai Yee
Jefferson Darmawan
Jamie Alicia Quinn



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